Raya and The Last Dragon

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Date(s) - 03/05/2021
12:00 am


Hey Family!,

Dutchess here to tell you about another movie I am excited to see “Raya and The Last Dragon.” I think this movie will have something for everyone! When I first saw the trailer the one thing that stuck out to me (this will sound crazy) was the earring that Fang ( the woman Raya was fighting) was wearing! Yesss I know but it’s true! I know that our beloved St. Augustine will soon have that earring or you will be able to find it online. So far I have not seen the exact earring. ( and trust I have checked!)

However, if you want to get your hands on some merch from the movie “Raya and The Last Dragon” log on to Shopdisney.com They have soo much stuff. They even have the Magic Band! yes! 

Now, if you have not already heard ( you know the kids are talkin) this movie will be showing on Disney+ on March 5th. So grab the kids the rest of the family pick up or make some Asia-inspired dinner (PlayWitIt) and enjoy the movie!

I love you all! and if you have not already seen the trailer you know WhaTaDu check it out below and as always PlayWitIt! Oh, and don’t forget to leave me a comment on what you thought about the movie!

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